Studio Corkinho is a multi-disciplinary design practice based in Antwerp / Belgium, aiming to elevate stillness in contemplative atmospheres.

We design limited editions within the fields of objects, furniture, and create contemplative atmospheres for interiors and micro-architecture.


Cédric Etienne (1980) & Klas Dalquist (1973), a belgo-swedish design duo that started with a simple idea about how to ennoble reclaimed cork bark. Cédric is the founder and interior designer. Klas is raised in the textile world.

We work from the harbour of Antwerpen, in the wild nature in Sweden, under the cork oaks in Portugal, wherever an opportunity takes us - our showroom is global and within all our clients.


In the Portuguese hills of Alentejo, the idea for Studio Corkinho was born. Witnessing the stillness of a cork harvest and the age-old tradition. Fascinated by the hidden power of silence, Studio Corkinho engages how to curate stillness and bring a deeper meaning back into spaces.


Like craftsmanship results in timeless objects, Studio Corkinho creates spaces where time erodes into a calming void, a silent atmosphere to ritualize in the now-here dimension. The “object space" becomes a sanctuary of stillness.