In the Portuguese hills of Alentejo, the idea for Studio Corkinho was born. Witnessing the stillness of a cork harvest, the age-old tradition impressed on Cédric Etienne the aspiration to interpret this cultural artefact as a starting point of Studio Corkinho's design philosophy.

Studio Corkinho reflects on the architecture of silence:
what is it that brings architecture, and hereby us, in a serene state?

Out of the need to unplug from an overstimulated society, Studio Corkinho proposes a new language to stand still with silence and bring us again closer to our true nature.

Fascinated by the hidden power of isolation, Studio Corkinho engages how to curate stillness and bring a deeper meaning back into spaces.

By a continual redefining and remodelling, Studio Corkinho elevates the hidden dimensions of noble materials through curiosity and innovation.

Like craftsmanship results in timeless objects, Studio Corkinho creates spaces where time erodes into a calming void, a silent atmosphere to ritualize in the now-here dimension. The “object space" becomes a sanctuary of stillness.

We devote ourselves to the understanding of the dynamics of silence and how to reconnect with inner balance.

As such, we seek to design spaces where one can contemplate in a distraction-free atmosphere.

Focused on emotion and timelessness, Studio Corkinho unearths the beauty of the forgotten. We strive to contemporize introspection and inspire how to slow down to root in the present moment.

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