Cédric Etienne (1980) & Klas Dalquist (1973), a belgo-swedish design duo that started with a simple idea about how to ennoble reclaimed cork bark, while having a creative chat in a bar at Vrijdagmarkt (Antwerpen).

Two friends who share a warm love for visual compositions and material values within architectural atmospheres, interior and objects.

Our studio function as an "umbrella" for all assignments and challenges we select to fill our dedicated time with.

We work from the harbour of Antwerpen, in the wild nature in Sweden, under the cork oaks in Portugal, wherever an opportunity takes us - our showroom is global and within all our clients.

Cédric is the founder and interior designer, with a long experience in how to curate one of kind moments by using space and total mind freedom.

Klas is raised in the textile world, with a wide expertise in art and creative direction, how to go from an idea to a finished product, to link all parts so every story is told as it was meant to be told.

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