In need of a place to come closer to your true nature?

Studio Corkinho creates a sacred space at your home where you can contemplate in a distraction free environment. To travel inwards and feel inner peace.

In our every day lives, more than ever before, our mind gets solicited by an overload of stimuli. Everyday we wash our body, but when do we clean our mind?

It takes time and effort to enter in dialogue with the signs of our body, and listen to our deeper voice. Silence helps to improve the understanding of our being. In silence, we will find the creative potential to recharge, grow and become a better version of ourselves.

Silence is not defined as the absence of sound, but rather as absence of noise. This is why our Still room concept does not limit itself to meditation or any contemplative practice.

A still room is a place to elevate stillness in a contemplative atmosphere, to feel freedom in its purest sense. In order to compose, create, write, move, play or organise an immersive experience with your beloved ones like a tea ceremony.

Besides the interior design, Studio Corkinho offers a serie of coaches, healers and contributors to propose weekly practices in order to generate an impactful return from the Still room in terms of focus, wellbeing and longevity.

A still room has no specific needs in terms of spatial dimension, or use. It can be seen as a yoga room, meditation room, a poet's room to write, a musician's room to compose, a library to read... Or any kind of experience you desire to integrate into your home. It embodies a need to create stillness in a very intimate sensorial setting, built exclusively with materials sourced from Mother Earth.

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