still room

Studio Corkinho is an interior architecture firm who translates the benefits of silence into a place of well being at home, at work or for hospitality purpose.

Besides designing STILL interiors, Studio Corkinho curates wellbeing programmes to propose rituals and workshops in our still room, at your home, or at your office, in order to cultivate benefits in terms of focus, bodymind balance and energetic health.

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Our Still Room in Antwerp was our first architectural project which embodies an inner journey to find deep rest and connection with yourself. Silence is the protagonist and interacts with our perception and imagination, creating different possibilities for sensory experiences.

We translate silence into architecture by returning to the essence, striving for the perfect proportion and combination of placement. 

As a concept, STILL travels to your home, in the form of one-off interior design or as part of hospitality, branding, office or wellness purposes. 

year: 2018

location: Noorderpershuis, Antwerp

photographs: Piet-Albert Goethals

Standing STILL on the purpose of a place dedicated to contemplation in a distraction-free atmosphere. It embodies an inner journey to find deep rest, recharge, and self connection in hospitality, office, branding, wellness or in residential environments.

Whether used as a study room, a contemplative space or as a place to enjoy a moment without input, the STILL room ennobles the “shelter of the mind” for the modern human to anchor his attention in the present time and space. 

To re-orientate the flow of their energy inwards and activate their full potential. STILL is a tool to engage connection with the now-here dimension, and benefit full awareness of the present environment.

In an age of speed, nothing can be more invigorating than going slow. In an age of constant movement, nothing is more urgent than standing still.

It intensifies the purity of the experience of the presence. Elevating stillness in contemplative atmospheres. 

Re-purposing true nature in every detail through the art of time.