$171.50 USD

What better way to add a tactile detail than with a solid stone coaster to dress your table or put a glass on. Dive into the poetry of the texture’s hidden layers, and use lovingly to allow the patina's history to set in.

_Comes in a set of 2
_Every piece is unique

_Pietra di Medici (IT), Beige di Medici (IT), Pierre de Varennes (D)
_Slightly varnished with organic oil for protection
_10,8 x 0,9cm

Stone is a naturally porous material and as such, should be treated lovingly to allow it to create a unique patina over time. Gently wipe clean with a damp cloth and keep away from materials that can color-transfer.

_Cédric Etienne, 2017
_Permanent collection
_Designed and handmade in Belgium

It’s the backwall of a serene composition to mark a special moment. 

Care for it like you would for any other natural stone surface and watch it age beautifully over time.