€50,00 EUR

This is a sample kit of ARCH timeless cork patina for your upcoming projects. The sample kit is handmade in small batch production. Our material is organic matter, and our nuances are hand applied. We therefore ask to take into account natural changes and variations of the nuances and textures, from one production to the next. No sample will ever be exactly the same, yet we try to provide consistancy as much as possible within the range of handmade products.

The sample kit contains 4 samples of 10 x 15 cm, which present our 2 textures - on each side; natural, or volcanic. Every sample has one of our 4 nuances, ranging from dark brown (R), to dark antracite (C), to grey-blue (Q), and brown-black (BF).

_Box size : 10 x 15 x 7 cm
_Texture: Natural + Volcanic
_Color: 4 colors
dark brown (R)
dark antracite (C)
grey-blue (Q)
brown-black (BF)

_Designed and manufactured in Belgium