Cédric Etienne (1980) & Klas Dalquist (1973), a belgo-swedish design duo based in Antwerp, Belgium.


Cédric is the founder and interior architect, with a long experience in how to curate one of kind moments by using space and total mind freedom.

Klas is raised in the textile world, with a wide expertise in art and creative directions, how to go from an idea to a finished product, to link all parts so every story is told as it was meant to be told. 




From moments to memories - generate emotions.


Studio Corkinho is a multi - disciplinary design studio aiming to change people's perceptions and awareness of objects and materials that we think deserve attention because of their unique values.

Our main force of action never changes - true craftsmanship with a functional mind, artful handwriting and strong love for aesthetic compositions.

To noblify simplicity.


Three pillars

Our studio is built on three foundations, interacting with each other to support and inspire.


Collections :  from concept stories we create objects.

Collaborations : we customise limited editions for clients.

One offs :  we curate uniqueness in shape of collectible items, set design and architectural inspiration.