O Vinho

It's winetasting, but not as you know it.

Studio Corkinho sets the mood to interpret a site specific experience. 

One table, organic wine, a custom made table dressing to share a unique moment with friends.

Curating unique moments

Studio Corkinho designs a specific homeware collection for every O Vinho edition.

To stimulate creative interaction, more artists in the fields of tableware, floral art, sound, performance & much more ... are involved in the setting of the O Vinho experience.

O Vinho becomes a painting of a unique moment.


Book your field

We transfer O Vinho moments anywhere and whether it becomes an indoor or outdoor experience, we harvest inspiration from the chosen location. 

Together with a chef, a sommelier and artisans suitable for each moment we will set up a one of a kind menu, sound and music to perform our values in food, wine and feelings - from Portuguese farms to your table.

An extraordinary moment to be present in, signed by Studio Corkinho.