ARCH is a collection of burnt cork finishings and solids to apply in interior and furniture design.

ARCH is composed by architectural surfaces sourced from burnt cork bark to create a calming, sensorial atmosphere strongly  connected to Mother Earth and nourished by the benefits of cork’s versatility. The material’s visible tactility and unique patina are combined with inherent features like thermic improvement and sound absorption to guarantee a state of personal wellbeing, sustainable living and inner stillness.

ARCH consists of two textures and four nuances. These can be used in a monochromatic sense for a more calming patina, or mixed in compositions for a more sensorial feel.

Sizes are cut on-demand from our standard  size which measures maximum 600x900mm. The sheets are 18mm thick, and our solids are 180mm thick.

Studio Corkinho acts as cork artisans on several fields to develop custom made surfaces for interior and furniture design.

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