$228.66 USD

Strong and bold, as a sculptural monolithical vessel. A study on the proportion of the void , representing the abstraction of the trunk of a cork oak after being harvested. The shadow gap accentuates the geometry from before and after the harvest to symbolize the cylce of life. To be used as a vase, in order to compose monumental branch compositions or as a container to keep your drinks cool and fresh. 


+ option waterproof cylinder, black or brass €49


_Every piece is unique
_Will patina over time

Optional: If you would like to use the MC05 as a wine cooler or a regular vase, we propose gently our patinated steel cylinder to guarantee 100% water resistance.

Additional cost for the cylinder: €49

_100% Portuguese cork bark harvested in the Alentejo hills
_Slightly varnished with organic oil for protection
_18,7 x 27 cm

Cork is a natural material, it can withstand high temperatures making it an ideal tableware companion. But, given its natural properties, it should also be treated with care: do not submerge it in water or put it in the dishwasher. Gently wipe clean with a damp cloth. Each piece is made from 100% organic cork bark leftovers and slightly burnt before pressing to get this particular color and finish. Each plate is varnished with a thin layer for protection to ensure durability.

_Cédric Etienne, 2017
_Permanent collection
_Designed in Belgium, handmade in Porto

Studio Corkinho supports the Great Green Wall project in Africa.Per sold item from the Mother collection, a tree will being planted in Northern Senegal to regenerate forest.

GPS coordinates of our African forest : 15.966,1 - 15.7622.

MOTHER’s artefacts can thus serve as conductors of nature’s serenity into our everyday lives, its textures inviting us to slow down with rituals of contemplation.

The objects evoke a sense of nostalgia and their forms take us back to those far, past memories that are yet close to us, still present through time and space.