€203,00 EUR

Our TATAMI offers both resiliency and stiffness thanks to its high porosity. Besides the tactile aspect, our TATAMI helps space in terms of its acoustic comfort and ventilation. 

This picture consists out of 4 tatami mats next to each other. 
Comes per mat of 60x90cm // 45mm thickness
Pre-order: General delivery take up to 5-6 weeks 

_comes per block of 60 x 90 cm
_Every piece is unique
_Will patina over time

_Burnt cork 8703, varnished and/or patinated
_custom made patina on demand
_45mm thickness

Given its natural properties, it should also be treated with care: do not submerge it in water. Gently wipe clean with a damp cloth. Each piece is made from 100% organic cork bark leftovers and slightly burnt before pressing to get this particular color and finish. Each object is varnished with a thin layer for protection to ensure durability.

_Studio Corkinho, 2020
_Permanent collection
_Designed and handmade in Belgium

Inspired from the Japanese system of plan layout, our TATAMI floor mats are used as a sensorial surface for contemplation. Like a bark protection its core, our tatami adds some warmth to the space in wintertime, and in summertime it serves the space with a certain coolness.