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As a necessary part of prolonged meditation, the support of a meditation cushion can make a world of difference in your practice - you will stay in the moment for longer and easier reach a meditative state. Also for yoga this is ofte used, while laying in Shavasana to support your head or knees, or while sitting and doing stretches.

A minimum stock is always at your disposal, but in general delivery terms are 4 to 5 weeks. 


_Raw hemp linen filled with cork bark granules
_Organic dying
_Light weight
_Every piece is unique
_Will patina over time

_100% Portuguese cork bark harvested in the Alentejo hills
_Raw hemp
_Colour : 1 / 2
_35 x 50 cm

Cork granules are placed in a separate linen bag. This allows to wash the raw hemp once in a while.
Handwash is advised with organic soap.

_Concept design : Cédric Etienne, 2017
_Confection and raw hemp : Isabelle Yamamoto
_Limited edition

Color: sacred earth

Your companion in a moment of peace, the cushion will move along with the shape of your position. As such, it can be used as meditation material or simply as a sculptural object, making silence tangible.

The synergy between cork and hemp symbolizes a reversed interpretation of the analogy of the bark, protector of the tree. The DOMA collection consists of a series of meditation items made out of raw hemp, organically filled with cork granules.

DOMA, Japanese for ‘earthen floor’, refers to a room in a traditional Japanese house that was used i n the same way as the ground. It is a place intermediate between indoor and outdoor and therefore, it can be a metaphor to travel inwards, to make a contemplative break f rom the outside world and enter an introspective atmosphere of stillness.

Studio Corkinho explored the unique and raw, organic surfaces of burnt cork, each cube offers a diffusion ground, on which the Hakudo Rain botanical essence can be dripped. The set brings a personal ritual into our private space as a sensory experience that stimulates and harmonizes our presence, offer ing stillness and mindfulness.

Here, the raw hemp forms the cork bark granules’ shelter, emphasizing a feeling of unwinding and traveling inwards.