Hakudo Yoga_solo





Together with AOIRO, an olfactive design studio based in Berlin, Studio Corkinho enhanced a profound research on how to connect with inner silence through the art of listening to scent.

In the 15th Century, Japanese monk-warriors went on a spiritual retreat to practice Kōdō or “the Way of Fragrance”.

Studio Corkinho & Aoiro re-defined the ceremony of appreciating a subtle & exquisite incense into a  quiet moment to unwind in everyday life in order to uncover your authentic soul.

Inspired by the atmosphere of a spirited Japanese island after rainfall, Hakudo enables one to experience the sensation of air being charged with a spirit of rain.

Elevating stillness in a mindful pause, in order to slow down and enjoy a deep stretch of the present “now”. Hakudo Rain anchors inner peace in the olfactive memory and activates the sensation of a contemplative rest.

Enjoy the virtues of Hakudo Rain, in a 60 minutes yoga session with yogini Carole Etienne at our STILL room _ Kattendijkdok Oostkaai 2 2000 Antwerp.


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