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A floating circular mass, thick enough to deal with temperature challenges or simply use the plate to come closer to nature in everyday situations. Mostly used to serve tea, as a plate for hot pots to protect a surface or as a tray to present dry food.

_Every piece is unique
_Will patina over time

_100% Portuguese cork bark harvested in the Alentejo hills
_Slightly varnished with organic oil for protection
_23,4 x 4,5 cm

Cork is a natural material, it can withstand high temperatures making it an ideal tableware companion. But, given its natural properties, it should also be treated with care: do not submerge it in water or put it in the dishwasher. Gently wipe clean with a damp cloth. Each piece is made from 100% organic cork bark leftovers and slightly burnt before pressing to get this particular color and finish. Each plate is varnished with a thin layer for protection to ensure durability.

_Cédric Etienne, 2017
_Permanent collection
_Designed in Belgium, handmade in Porto

Studio Corkinho supports the Great Green Wall project in Africa. Per sold item from the Mother collection, a tree will being planted in Northern Senegal to regenerate forest.

GPS coordinates of our African forest : 15.966,1 - 15.7622.

Studio Corkinho’s designs respect Mother Earth from harvest to object by using leftover cork resources to which no chemicals are added during the production process.

In doing so, the MOTHER collection retains her part in the everlasting sustainability of nature, always staying open to the possibility of returning to her origins and becoming one with Mother Earth once again.