“Life needs authenticity, rawness, and sometimes something wrong to recognise what is right.”

Value chosen by Adriaan : PURE

Adriaan aka. OAKTREE creates poetry with sound. Sound as an abstract, raw material of a melodious journey. In 2016 he composed a masterwork soundscape for the dance performance of the festival Antwerp WORKS. Decomposed emotional fragments drove your body in a certain void where everything can happen. Unexpected notes came in and out to catch the moment.

Today, Adriaan is collecting new inspirations for his new album. Besides this personal work, he’s launching a collaboration imagined from field recordings. And by the end of the year, he will compose a new soundscape related to a light installation. Other artistic collaborations are on their way ,but to know more keep on his track as big time is coming soon.

We had the pleasure to pass by at Adriaan’s place where he lives with his girlfriend on a wooden floor. A short talk, unhidden stories from a man filled with 1000 notes.

The last time you use / hear / experienced this word or expression?

This will sound a bit strange, but actually our circle of friends lost recently a very close member. He passed away due to a completely random bike accident. We had one week to say goodbye, as we knew that he had no way back. The purity of the friendship, the instant energy that came free from this uncontrollable emotion. All egos collapsed for brotherhood. Proximity in its purest sense. Everyone achieved to easily shake everything off, and give attention to the importance of a moment, being together for the love of friendship. This is one of the most powerful / purest emotion I’ve ever experienced.

What is the inherent emotion you feel in this word or expression?

The purification of ideas, is how I dig towards the right sound.
And to recognise what doesn’t sound so pure, to give it a place too.
Because it’s from this contrast that purity will come out. I find beauty also in the purity of authenticity - pure more as the truth. Lots of songs are perfectly polished. But I don’t believe in this kind of sound, because to me, life is more than sophistication of a conceptual sound. Life needs authenticity, rawness, and sometimes something wrong to recognise what is right.

Which object / shape do you see in this word or expression?

Textures and shapes I experience in nature. The organic evolution of materials. Something I carry since two years, is this little wooden sculpture I received from my grandfather. Just a piece of wood he found, let it untouched, real... And the idea to put something real, that got rotten from the soil to present it as an abstract art object.
This kind of materiality really touches me.

How is this word or expression related to you or your work?

More and more I am seeking for a spatial emptiness in my music. Not to dress everything with show elements. Not to make something bigger than what it actually is. Keep it small, or make it even smaller, and from there, from this subtle simplicity, let it grow into monumentality. By repeating it in a very subtle sequence of small melodic teasers, in flux, on its way, to build up a sound journey, and bit by bit to feed them with new ingredients. Sound not as a finished product, but experienced as an emotional resonance of a moment. A suggestion to find freedom in the abstraction of sound.

Which material would you associate with this word or expression?

It’s always been a challenge to me to associate textures to sound. But thinking about it now, I would rather go for a combination of material and finishing. To give it a certain “grain”. More like a palette, born from the ageing process of material or colour. Again here, something that is “on its way ” from point A to point B. Without being perfect. But the interesting part is to give an overwhelming contrast of sound, a high note, something very clear and sharp against a deep rough bass.

Thinking about cork, can you imagine an object linked to this word or expression?

Cork and sound are ver y complementar y in acoustic terms. To associate it with purity, I think immediately about some wall application. More as an artwork with an acoustic functionality. For people like me, having their studio in their living space with high
ceilings. I don’t see myself to use foam as a sound absorber, but having a natural material, that looks great, and makes sound pure, oh yes. I imagine then something raw, organic, like a bark against the wall. Woow , where can I get that now?

Which word / expression / value / quote is omnipresent in your life... To pass on.