notes inspired from the still room

büsra kayikci

Silence in between two notes. These sketches illustrate a graphical manifest between Turkish pianist-architect @busraplayskeys and Belgian founder-designer@_cedricetienne in their collaboration to create a musical poetry inspired from the Still room.

year: 2021
location: Still Room, Antwerp

Earlier this year, I had the honour to be invited by@busraplayskeys and @turkiyetasarimvakfito host a webinar about the Architecture of Silence.

I gently asked her if she would be inspired to compose some interludes to travel inwards in order to source inner peace.

Since then, Busra became a true friend and I feel beyond grateful to share our collaborative project with you.

Tableau vivant.

In our work, we pay carefully attention to the immaterial side of space. How light becomes a living artist of atmosphere to elevate the poetics of space.