Dear Cédric, 
Hope you well and your family.
Com muito amor.
Sorry about my english.
A hug
Teresa Branco
_according to this "lockdown", what is Mother Earth’s hidden message to humankind?
I think Mother Earth intends to slow down the frantic pace at which each person and community lives. The multiple wounds suffered by Mother Earth due to climate change and the consequent extinction of several species, without humanity stopping to stop this scourge, was unsustainable, leading unequivocally to the end of the world as we know it. Thus, this block serves to reflect what really matters, and to become aware of the vulnerability of what we took for granted in our lives.

_how is this context inspiring you? 
Realize that when we stop, we feel our body more and that the time dimension counted minute by minute in a geographically sealed place, throws us absolutely virtual challenges. Where the far is close and emotions circulate between the past lived and the future to be discovered, as this will definitely be different from the present.

_which “simple things” have you re-discovered?
Breathe, sleep, read a lot and slow down.

_what do you miss the most?
Walk on the mountain by the sea and walk with my friends.

_will you change your product, business model or creative mindset from this situation? if yes, how?
In essence I will not change my business model, but I will create a product where ceramics can be worked in contact with nature. Pottery workshops outside doors and mixing organic matter and discovering new textures. This will be positive to promot a nature sensibilization and promot their preservation.

_what have you learned that you actually didn't expect to learn?
Isolation sometimes makes us closer due to technologies.

_which objects / artwork / services / experiences or spaces will help us to remind the benefits to slow down / to reflect / to connect with our higher purpose?
The mountain, the seaside, the animals, namely dogs and cats, books and clay to model shapes and textures that focus on us to be more serene.  

_what will you improve in your engagement to respect Mother Nature’s call, after the end of the "lockdown", while being running on the fast lane to recover from the damage?
Honoring Mother Nature, through a smooth and non-invasive contact, but in order to perceive its smells, its shapes and textures, its shadows and sounds, its undulations and colors, so that these senses can be rediscovered for a experience of greater fusion.    

_in a very pragmatic way, for your creative business activity, what will be the greatest challenge to grow from this "lockdown"?
My activity takes place in a specific physical space. It was frequent by several people simultaneously. The biggest project that presents, is the recovery of the necessary trust for 
several people, who can return to trust in the power to be in the community. As in thescope of my activity, we receive several people of various nationalities in the near future, the places that probably suffer resistence to share in the same space.