More than ever, we are facing new challenges to direct our mindset towards a higher purpose.

While being bursting with wild inspiring energy, COVID-19 forced us to take a pause, to take distance in order to align our way of thinking and doing within a new context.

It's about time to stand still, to rethink our activities, to resize our actions at the right scale within a movement of solidarity, consciousness and resonance with Mother Earth.

Entrepreneurs, artists, designers, craftsmen & many more will use this time to improve & re-define what is the path forward, what we have to change to rebuild a more sustainable future in full harmony with the "deeper voice".

 Our aim is to create an inspiring platform to learn from each other's situation, to listen to our inner voice, to understand how to act together and grow from this new context.

We collected feelings, opinions, thoughts & insights from dear friends, artists, creators, designers, collectors, pioneers, captains of industries, inspirators ... to create awareness and build a strong network of positive believers.

This common inner voice will give birth to new ideas & collaborations.

To close the loop, Studio Corkinho supports HeroMeals, a project that supplies healthy meals to our medical staffs ... in need of natural energy to save lives day and night. For every participant, Studio Corkinho donated meals to our medical heroes.