Dear Friend,

here are my answers to some of your questions, if you feel like to rectify some text, feel free to do it.

About moodboard I'm not sure what to send, maybe you can help me,... some picture from my Instagram?

_according to this "lockdown", what is Mother Earth’s hidden message to humankind?

Reassess our values and care about nature Karma. Life and world as we know it will never be the same. Mother Earth's is giving us the opportunity to make it better. 

_how is this context inspiring you?

This context is an opportunity to re-think our lives and is a blank page to start from zero. 

_which “simple things” have you re-discovered?

We are more patient and strong then we though. Suddenly I had plenty of time to play with my daughter and feel like a kid again. 

_what do you miss the most?

I miss to have the freedom to go outside whenever I want, I miss to hug and kiss my friends and family, I miss my daily routine and I miss my long-term projects.

_will you change your product, business model or creative mindset from this situation? if yes, how? 

Business model will need to be more sustainable, resourcing will be more from local work and materials. Propose of business will be more pure, will complete more real needs and not so much whims.

_what have you learned that you actually didn't expect to learn?

I'm still learning how to deal with this situation and project my new unexpected future. 

_what will you improve in your engagement to respect Mother Nature’s call, after the end of the "lockdown", while being running on the fast lane to recover from the damage?

I'll make my own garden-farm and make my own clothes.

Hope you keep safe and healthy in this crazy nightmare of Corona...!
Sending you lots of love to you and to you beautiful ladies Carmen and Cézanne!


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