Nathalie is French, from Paris.
She’s an architect.
She met Tim, her  husband, some years ago in Texas during an inspirational escape. Tim is an artist. They fell in love, and Tim moved to Paris.

From a city trip to Antwerp some time ago, they both crushed for the Harbour district. They decided to move to Antwerp after having found a unique setting for their dream. An old industrial factory in the Red District Area. They took several years to break the walls and shape their nest from scratch. Paris Texas Antwerp was born.

For years, Paris Texas Antwerp cultivated a cutting edge multidisciplinary space, where everything could happen. It was used as a meeting spot for artistic dialogue, a gallery and the home where Nathalie and Time lived.

Studio Corkinho got honoured to organise their first exhibition at Paris Texas Antwerp in the summer of 2016.

Today, Nathalie & Tim moved back to the roots. They sold Paris Texas Antwerp, to  start a new journey in the South of France in order to get closer to nature and create a new scenic poetry. The big change compared to her previous life as an architect, is that they will live within their atelier, close to nature / their main source of inspiration, and where they can manipulate and experiment their own dreams and fantasies.

Before they moved to the Ventoux area, we talked to Nathalie and dreamt away in her curious Wonderland.

Word chosen by Nathalie : EMOTION.

1/ The last time you used / heard / experienced this word?

Very easy to me. Every day I need emotion. In my creation, my ideas, but most of all, I feel emotion in Belgian Design. It’s completely “out of the box”. Not like French design, where we feel a certain rigidity. In Belgian Design, you feel a particular artistic language recognised on a worldwide scale. Reason why is probably related to the surrealistic movement.
The philosophy of the dream, as a secondary layer. People who don’t take themselves too seriously, with a twist of humour. Maybe because of its situation “in between” two big neighbour countries. But anyway, there’s a real personal spirit in the creative process.

2/ What is the inherent emotion you feel in this word?

Excitement. No doubt. It’s dynamic. Something I express in every creation. A kind of well being. When people enters my installations / spaces, I am seeking to generate the inherent emotion. From this instant, my prior goal is that the visitor interprets the emotion from his own feelings. Coming back consciously to himself/herself. My work on atmospheres, is to propose a field of emotion, to let go, and give birth to the individual interpretation.

3/ Which object / shape do you see in this word?

An organic feeling. Close to the body. Physical. The body, both the psyche as the physical state, is the essence of my work. The philosophic trigger, the start. I propose a setting where the body will enter, following on this perception, the psyche will get activated to finally result and come back to a physical reaction, a  state of well being. We are one only body. Head and body work together.

4/ How is this word related to you / your work?

Emotion is above all a complex matter to understand. For example, I experience this in my travels. The confrontation with other types of cultures, civilisations, daily rituals. All this package will affect your comfort zone. It’s fundamental. I travelled a lot to Morocco and India to study behaviours. Artistically, I feel very attracted by Primitive Art from Africa, South America…This permanent research of the “unknown” is my only fuel for creativity. Once I understand or control a certain tool or language, be sure that in short terms I will quit.

5/ Which material would you associate with this word?

Fabrics. The connection to tactility. To touch and manipulate them. This instant dialogue - touch vs reaction. I perceive fabrics like a kind of second skin. A very physical sensation. Felt is actually a fabric that reminds me an elephant’s skin. Something rough, but at the same time subtle, with an affection for detail.

6/ Thinking about cork, can you imagine an object linked to this word?

What touched me the most is the last exhibition about Studio Corkinho. How the material of cork was presented. To discover the beauty of the bark, as a treasure of emotions. The colour, the layers, the sculpture… So surprising…the harvest is connected to a context of heat, nature, dryness. This exhibition channels you directly towards its culture, its origin, its roots.

7/ Which word / value / quote is omnipresent in your life ... to pass on.