Dear Cédric, here we go! I wish you all the best for your project, thank you for your efforts.

9 Questions :

_according to this "lockdown", what is Mother Earth’s hidden message to humankind?
None. It’s too complex for simple messages.

_how is this context inspiring you?
Completely, as always.

_which “simple things” have you re-discovered?
Carpentry! My first profession is carpenter and now I’m working outside next to a barn and I have some old tools and it’s mervellous. 

_what do you miss the most?
Glamour, Hermès. But today we received our current copy of „The New Yorker“ and there was a marvellous Hermès AD on the back cover. Yummie, life goes on!

_will you change your product, business model or creative mindset from this situation? if yes, how?

NO. Making better and better, becoming a true master. 

_what have you learned that you actually didn't expect to learn?

Nothing so far.

_which objects / artwork / services / experiences or spaces will help us to remind the benefits to slow down / to reflect / to connect with our higher purpose?


_what will you improve in your engagement to respect Mother Nature’s call, after the end of the "lockdown", while being running on the fast lane to recover from the damage?

More woodwork and crafts. My lane before the crisis was not so fast so it is not such a change.

_in a very pragmatic way, for your creative business activity, what will be the greatest challenge to grow from this "lockdown“?
Probably to convince people to trust and believe in creativity and the power of love.
With best regards from the mountains, Dino 
(View from living room in the early morning)