Dear Cedric and Klas,

Thanks for reaching out. The situation for us is very difficult, since we just closed the old shop and moved it to the new location, all while the country falling into Corona lockdown. We will not be able to re-open bevore April 20th, if not later, who knows. It’s existential.
Swiss banks are giving generous credits to bridge the gap, but if we ever come out of this, we will be in deep debt - all because of this hysteria.
Here’s our contribution to your story. We wish for humanity to go through this mess in good health and a certain coolness … after all, life is a dangerous thing! It ends with dead very often, sometimes more, sometimes less.
Please use the tag @cabinetzurich when using our words or images.
_according to this "lockdown", what is Mother Earth’s hidden message to humankind?
We should take more care of nature, resources, animals, our next ones, neighbors and community. All this crazy millennial traveling lifestyle, it will be over for quite a while.

_how is this context inspiring you? 
We are forced to think in new directions and ways. We focus on what we can do with our hands and own manpower.

_which “simple things” have you re-discovered?
We were always fans and lovers of the simple pleasures, life so far hasn’t given us much more! A walk in the woods heals us after a day full of trouble.

_what do you miss the most?
We miss the contact with our beloved customers who come in for a chat and a coffee, for a cultural exchange or a little shopping. 

_will you change your product, business model or creative mindset from this situation? if yes, how?
We will focus even more than we already did on local production, small brands, handmade qualities and longevity of things

_what have you learned that you actually didn't expect to learn?
We are happy to learn that banks can be important friends when you’re in need of them!

_which objects / artwork / services / experiences or spaces will help us to remind the benefits to slow down / to reflect / to connect with our higher purpose?
When we will all be released to enjoy life out there again, we will hopefully be dressing up like the happiest day in our life!

_what will you improve in your engagement to respect Mother Nature’s call, after the end of the "lockdown", while being running on the fast lane to recover from the damage?
We will try to re-establish our business on the slow but steady way upwards, developing good relationships with brands and customers. No rush needed!

_in a very pragmatic way, for your creative business activity, what will be the greatest challenge to grow from this "lockdown"?
We’re thrown back a couple of years. But we hopefully will be able to bypass the mistakes we made since then and come back stronger.

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