“Follow your gut feeling”

Brigitte is a young mother of 2 beautiful kids. Married to Thomas, they share the love for nature, the pure & the timeless. Whilst she was working for a fashion brand, she teased her bohemian curiosity. Together with a friend, they set up Atelier Clash. A creative project that started from her curiosity for noble stones. She’s designing jewels with a story. Every piece is unique because of their shape, texture or touch. Where unique details make the difference in your look. 

After giving birth to her second child, a princess called Jiuletta, she fully dived into "being a mother". Taking a period off, to re-consider the beauty of life. Recently, she presented a new project, Studio Dada. A dream she describes as "a school for parenting".

She invited us to share some hidden stories during a cosy afternoon in her warm home where we could embrace the energy of her universe.

Value chosen by Brigitte : CURIOUS

1/ The last time you used / heard / experienced this word?

Now. I feel in a very positive vibe actually. People often go to a therapist, when they feel a bit down. Well I decided to do this on a high top. I feel curious about what life will bring next. On short term, I fell in love, gave birth to a little son called Jax… and I feel grounded to my path. Lots of new things… like a new home, and a second child on its way ;) So curious if our little family will cross the borders outside Belgium … or … just let life decide.

2/ What is the inherent emotion you feel in this word?

Excitement. To push myself consciously out of my comfort zone. To expand the mechanisms of the body, but also of the mind.

3/ Which object / shape do you see in this word?

Lighting. Because light shapes a certain mood. A setting. Like during our most spectacular trip in Iceland. How the light can shape contrasts. The contradiction between ice cold, dark and a soft light that brings a whole atmosphere. Lighting makes you move, in your inner feeling.

4/ How is this word related to you / your work?

Curiosity is something very impulsive to me, in everyday life. It brings me humility. Not to think that we know everything. A source of inspiration and openness. Makes human humble.

5/ Which material would you associate with this word?

Our stones are all unique. Always different. How these noble stones relate themselves with light. It awakes your curiosity as they always look different depending on the lighting. They have all a volcanic origin, with a spiritual protecting energy, compositions from Latin America to Asia.

6/ Thinking about cork, can you imagine an object linked to this word?

The poof - chair of Studio Corkinho was a call to my curiosity. What you already do, how you work with perception. As the majority associates cork with the cork stop or some IKEA products. Studio Corkinho triggers how to push tactility and function with cork objects.

7/ Which word / value / quote is omnipresent in your life ... to pass on.

Follow your own path, and have faith in your gut feeling.